2006 - 2010

Green Screen Self Study



Being today is "being-digitized", one does not exist unless one has been replaced by a simulacrum of oneself. The screens plane liquifies into narcissus's reflecting pool alluding to the dangers and cognitive dissonance media can cause. Previous models of the Self are replaced by a creation of technicity and artifice, a fluid disintegrating river of selfhood that can be manipulated at will. Chroma key green screen is a technique used to place subjects in artificial environments. The background which is usually omitted becomes a cgi zone of potentialities that pictorially invades the subject/self, blurring the boundaries between digital environments and physical selves. Portrait becomes detrait which is overcoded by asignifying swarms of flows, affects, time displacements, slit scans and motion algorithm glitches.



Acrylic, gel, gouache, charcoal, graphite, glass, mica, holographic film, hair, volcanic ash (Mount Pinatubo 1991 eruption, Philippines) digital print

63.5 x 21 inches (3 Canvases)


Cancelluloid Blister Glitch


Ilford high gloss digital prints on polymer board (Set of 5)

18 x 10 inches 

Entropic Phobia


Ilford high gloss digital prints on polymer board

20 x 16 inches