Chris Boyd is a British contemporary artist whose multi-media work is preoccupied with the interrelationships with technology and modes of Being. 

"remarkable"          "a poet in a frenzy"

Werner Herzog

Legendary filmmaker.

"undisciplined genius" 2004.          "one of our most important artists" 2012.

Brian Sewell

Britain's most famous and controversial art critic.




Currents. The Santa Fe International New Media Festival, New Mexico, USA

June 10th - 26th

Pop Apocalyptic, Athens Digital Art Festival, Athens, Greece

May 19th - 22nd 


Toronto Film Week, Canada

Sept 12th - 18th

Norwich Radical Film Festival, UK

August 26th - Expressions and Impressions, The Calling

August 28th - Experiments in Form, [cthorsion scrypt fantomsens]

Ramunas Atelier International Independent Film Awards, Vilnius, Lithuania

August 21st -25th

ANIMAZE Montreal International Animation Film Festival, Canada

August 21st

Seattle TRANSMEDIA & Independent Film Festival, USA

July 28th - 31st

Vienna Independent Film Festival, Austria

July 4th - 7th

LonDADA Festival, The Cinema Museum, London, UK

June 23

Amarcord Chicago Arthouse TV & Video Festival
(A division of the Blow-up Arthouse Film Festival), USA

May 29

Magic Mirror, Video Art Festival,

Visual Container, [.BOX] Videoart Project Space Milan, Italy


Museum of Ţǎrii Crişurilor Oradea, Romania

May 21st - 22nd

Recent Projects